Friday Successes – 11/03/17

So, I promised daily updates. I didn’t write yesterday because I couldn’t think of anything to write about. There will be days like that. Today I’ve come to share my successes with you for this week.

Successes for the week of 10/29/17

I did it, guys! I started my exercise regiment. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I exercised. Each day I did a different work out trying to get a feel for what I wanted to do and not want to do. I found a cooldown and warm up session that worked for me and that I can do comfortably.

Wednesday was my kettlebell workout routine. Man, I was sweating after that one. Didn’t help the heat turned on and I was standing right underneath the vent.  I was dying! I ended up working out for a five minute warm up then doing about 23 minutes of a 33-minute workout. I was pleased for it being my first day.

Thursday was my beginner boot camp workout from Fitness Blender found on Youtube. I hardly did my five minutes warm up because I didn’t like the one I chose. I completed the entire work out though. I wanted to quit after round 2 of 3 but I pushed through and finished strong through the last round. I did the full 33-minute workout routine.

Friday, today, was a little harder. I was tired and sore from the previous days’ workouts and I didn’t want to do one at all. I wore the right shoes and decided to do the workout in the living room. I picked the ‘low impact beginners workout’ from Fitness Blender on Youtube. I used to do that one all the time but I really liked the one I did yesterday and today’s wasn’t cutting it. I ended up only doing about 8 minutes of the workout itself plus a five minute warm up. I was done and didn’t like the workout I picked out.

Saturday and Sunday are my rest days.

Tonight I’ll be walking approximately 9-10 blocks from the parking garage to the arena where we’ll be seeing a hockey game.

So my successes for this week include ACTUALLY GETTING UP AND WORKING OUT! 

I also stayed within my calorie range each day I attempted – so since Monday.

Overall, I think it was a great start to my new lifestyle or way of life.

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