I wanted to take a moment to come here and talk about goals. Goals are everything in life. Without them, you wander aimlessly through life without a purpose or an end game. I have always been a goal-oriented person. When I write a list of goals, I feel a sense of accomplishment because I have something to look forward to, something to work towards. Every time I come back to that list and check off item after item, I feel like I achieved something amazing. Each check mark or cross off on my list is something to be proud of and it’s good to make yourself proud. The following are my short-term and long-term goals that I have for the near and far future in my weight loss journey. I will check back often and talk about these goals and whether or not I’m achieving them. I would also like to include a timeline in which I am achieving these goals and hold myself accountable for the deadlines I do not make.

Short-Term Goals

  • [ ] stop drinking soda unless special occasions or dining out when it is easier to get a soda with your meal then water (I.E. getting a Mc Donald’s value meal – which I shouldn’t be doing but hey I’m human)
  • [ ] limit myself to one cup of coffee per day unless it is a weekend or a second cup is needed on Tuesday
  • [ ] count calories every single day. Build the habit of logging each and every meal. Reach 90 days logged in a row.
  • [ ] have my bike setup and be actively riding at least two-three days per week
  • [ ] do at least two-three days of kettlebell exercises per week
  • [ ] begin to see weight loss – whether it’s 5lbs or 15lbs any weight loss during this period should be celebrated because it means that you’re doing something right
  • [ ] no seconds of dinner – enough said
  • [ ] limit sweets that aren’t fruit based to one-two per week
  • [ ] include a vegetable in as many dinners as you can

To be achieved by January 2018

Mid-Term Goals

  • [ ] be established with counting calories, weighing food, and staying within limits of macros every single day
  • [ ] limit self to three cheat meals per week if absolutely necessary
  • [ ] be seasoned in the exercise you’ve been doing and continue to build your strength and stamina
  • [ ] be biking at least three miles per three-four times a week
  • [ ] do at least three-four kettlebell workouts that last at least 30 minutes per week
  • [ ] reach your mid-goal weight of at least being under 230lbs – that would be losing roughly 1lb per week – a good stable amount

To be achieved by July 2018 

Long-Term Goals

  • [ ] it has now become a lifestyle to exercise every single day
  • [ ] it has now become a lifestyle to count calories and eat properly
  • [ ] by the end of this year, I want to be 200lbs or less
  • [ ] by now I should have a completely new wardrobe of clothing that looks and feels great
  • [ ] by now I should have established all the habits I need to be healthy and continue losing weight at a steady pace

To be achieved by December 2018

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