No More Excuses

Well, everyone, I’m back from a great vacation at Walt Disney World. I can honestly say I indulged but didn’t overdo it at any point in the entire vacation. Even when I was spending $44 for one dinner, I didn’t stuff myself to the point of hating myself. I ate, I enjoyed, I savored, but I didn’t overindulge.

We took a lot of pictures during the trip. As each day went by, and each time I looked at the photographs I was taking I grew more disgusted with what I was seeing. Am I really that big?! I guess reality hit me.

Here are the photos I was talking about to make me think that way:

collage from wdw weight loss begins now

All those photos of me, I mean, it’s pretty obvious which one I am, look for the biggest person in the photos. These leave me with disgust.

Now is the time! It’s time to get serious!

Oh, yea, by the way, did I tell you all, I was laid off from my job. Yup, so I now get to spend the next four months working on ME! While I’m fighting the depression aspect of things that I was laid off from my job with the “possibility of being hired back in springtime“, I am going to do my best to use these four months to build a better relationship with me, work hard towards gaining strength, stamina, and growth, get in the habit of exercising every single day, and just build me into being a better me.

I will start my daily blogs following the schedule I have posted in the sidebar (all the way at the bottom if you’re reading this on a mobile device; to the left if you’re reading this on a computer).

This is it, guys. No more excuses. The time is here. The time is now. 

Goals for this week

I want to make at least a few goals for this week.

  • exercise! Finally get downstairs and exercise. Just do it once. Just do it twice. JUST DO IT! Once you get over that first hurdle you’ll be able to better yourself.
  • get ALL the exercise in you can while doing chores. I have about three weeks, plus every article of Nick’s clothes to wash/dry/fold/put away and all of that gets my heart racing and going, so get through that.
  • make healthier choices while choosing your meals and when healthier choices aren’t available, make a healthier proportion

That’s it. That’s all my goals for this week. I want to start small and build up to it. I don’t want to slam myself if big audacious changes and goals and then fail and get discouraged. Always make obtainable goals for yourself when starting something big and new.

So, wish me luck everyone. I just gotta work out once this week. Push back the excuses. Push back through the discomfort and just DO IT.


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  1. Sheri says:

    Those are reasonable goals. If there’s anything I can do help, message me!

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