Tuesday Check-In – 11/07/17

Tuesday means check-in day. I should have made Thursday or Friday check-in day but I guess a check-in in the beginning of the week isn’t so bad. It holds me accountable for how my week began right?

Sunday was a rest day but I still managed to get roughly 100+ minutes of active time in.

Monday, I was within my calorie range and was all green across the board with my macros even though I was SO hungry and nothing satisfied my hunger! I ended up working out by doing the Beginner’s Bootcamp workout by Fitness Blender on Youtube. I figured out how to log my exercise using my Gear Fit 2 and put in that I proposed to work out 25 minutes and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t complete the workout because it was longer than 25 minutes with the warm up I did in the beginning but I ended up burning 198 calories for my workout. I had 74 active minutes of the day which means I was active in my workout but not very active the rest of the day.

Tuesday was Mikhail’s first orthodontist appointment. I dropped Mikhail off back at school around 10 am and came home and lounged around the house just freezing the rest of the day. I wanted to nap at some point but didn’t nap and did some stuff around the house. I barely hit 30 minutes of active time for the day which is disappointing. Tomorrow I have no excuse, I have to work out. It will not only be beneficial because it’s a workout but it will keep me warm and give me something to do. As for calories, I’m not doing well today. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go over. I’ve just been hungry all day long and I’ve been grazing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day to try again.

Well, that’s my beginning of the week check-in. How’s the beginning of your week going?

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  1. Sheri says:

    I haven’t been exercising, and not as good with food as I have been. But I am doing better with not eating at night. I’m surprised to find that I prefer walking up and down the hill to the elliptical, so now that it’s so cold I need to figure out what I can wear outside that won’t be too warm.

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