Wednesday Fitness – 11/01/17

Every Wednesday I plan on coming on here and writing how my fitness has been going over the week. Whether this includes Wednesday – Wednesday or Sunday – Wednesday, I’m not sure yet but on Wednesday I want to come and check-in with my fitness update for the week.

As all of you know, I was at Walt Disney World for nine days (20th – 29th of October).

On average, I walked approximately 18,000 to 24,000 steps per day while in Disney. 

That equals to be about an average of an extra 200-400 calories burned per day.

My goal is to reach over 30 minutes of ‘active’ time per day. Every day while I was gone I reached that goal – even on days I wasn’t even wearing my band most of the day to let it charge!

Here’s what it broke down to:

Friday 10/20 – 160 minutes
Saturday 10/21 – 124 minutes
Sunday 10/22 – 237 minutes (WOW)
Monday 10/23 – 142 minutes (I didn’t wear my band almost the entire day)
Tuesday 10/24 – 234 minutes (WOW again!)
Wednesday 10/25 – 133 minutes (again, I barely wore my band and we didn’t do much this day either)
Thursday 10/26 – 251 minutes (HOLY CRAZY! Well over my goal! We walked at Epcot for over 8 hours this day)
Friday 10/27 – 91 minutes (beach day, we sat in the car for over 2 hours and when we got back we were so tired we just hung out)
Saturday 10/28 – 46 minutes (didn’t have my band on almost this entire day, it was mostly packing and hanging out today)
Sunday 10/29 – 152 minutes (final day. Lots of rushing and zooming through the shopping center and then to the airport we went)

Fitness wise, I think I did an excellent job staying active while we were away. It probably helped burn off all those rich foods that I ate, even though I barely overindulged.

Since then I have averaged about 75 minutes of active time a day while being at home. I have had a lot of laundry to do to keep me plenty busy.

Goals for this week:

  • to do at least exercise once or more this week. I want to get started and jumping into frigid water into something new is never anything fun but I know once I start it I won’t want to stop so I just gotta jump in. Once I get one day behind me, I want to get a second, third, fourth, etc. going too!

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  1. Sheri says:

    I’m starting anew with exercise this week as well. It was easier when it was nice outside, because I didn’t have too much of a choice how much I walked. If I walk down the long drive, I have to walk back up. When I’m on the elliptical, I have a hard time getting past 10 minutes. I’ll get there again, though.

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