When The Journey Begins

So, everyone, I guess I’ve come to talk to you all about this journey that I have before me. There are some things I want to go over before I begin.


A little history…

  • I started counting calories in 2012. I reached a milestone of over 800-day streak of counting my calories every single day before giving up. I had the dedication but it wasn’t working.
  • I didn’t introduce strenuous exercise. That was my downfall.
  • I fell off the bandwagon in counting calories and THEN added some exercise. I began walking. I walked 2-4 miles every single day at the mall early in the morning.  The scale didn’t budge. I grew discouraged. I gave up again.
  • I yo-yo dieted for months/years after that. I started up counting calories, I gave up counting calories. I binged. I went strict again.

So, there you have it. My quick history. I didn’t want to bore you with the details. Basically, in short terms, I counted calories religiously for over two years, I lost a total of 20lbs in the first 4 months then halted and couldn’t lose a single pound after that. I continued to count religiously after those four months for another two years. Still nothing. I added exercise. Still nothing. I gave up.

Game Plan

Here’s the game plan, you’ve read my goals, where here is what I plan on doing about getting them achieved.

  • everything will begin after Disney
  • I do not plan to log in Disney, but if I do end up logging calories in Disney it will be very sporadic and not very accurate
  • I am already logging but I do not plan to be serious about everything until AFTER Disney
  • Once Disney vacation is up, I have two to three days off work yet to get everything together and into place
  • I want my bike set up by then I will MAKE IT WORK if I have to
  • I will meal plan Mike’s and I’s lunches and dinners as accurately as possible
  • I will incorporate more vegetables and fruits in my diet
  • I will, once again, count calories religiously for as long as a streak as I need until the weight comes off
  • I will use my Gear Fit 2 to log any calories burned. The ONLY calories burned that will be logged in Myfitnesspal will be the ones of dynamic, cycling, or walking exercises logged by my Gear Fit 2. Steps and other daily occurrences of regular calories burned will not be included – only workouts where my heart rate is elevated will count
  • I will step on the scale on the day I will begin. I will place that number in my “Starting Weight” log and the date and I will “start over” from that date moving forward on MFP
  • From there, I will NOT step on the scale again. I will let all the other signs of weight loss step in to guide me through the journey that I see:
    • Clothes falling off or wearing looser
    • Finding it easier to breath
    • Workouts getting easier
    • Noticeable changes in the mirror
    • Other people noticing and complimenting me
  • I will weigh myself ONCE A MONTH and ONLY if I deem fit. It will be on a specific day, the same day before I eat/drink anything, first thing once I wake up in the morning

That’s the game plan. I think I covered most grounds.

I just wanted to inform everyone I didn’t have any intentions on starting this journey/lifestyle change/new life until after we returned from Disney. I’ve got everything set up and all the tools together to lead me on a successful trail once we are back.

FYI: I added my Instagram account on the left for everyone to go check out progress pictures and such. I deemed my “DailyBooth” account to now be my weight loss account. I plan on logging my journey from there in the form of pictures of my progress, meal/food pictures, and other various pictures I see fit to share in my journey.

So, until next time, which very well could be after October 30th, I’ll see you again.

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  1. Sheri says:

    Sounds good, I’ll be here with you along the way. Good idea about weighing only once a month, I try to limit it to once a week and sometimes I do go longer.

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